The Land of Oak & Iron

Heritage Centre Entrance Feature

This sculpture design is an earlier version that was circulated before Christmas. It has been decided to revert to this design after feedback from local residents on the first design proposal.

The proposed entrance sculpture would take the shape of a double helix or section of DNA. The sculpture would be fabricated from 50 or so rusted Core Ten steel spheres referencing the ironworks that once stood on the site. The sculpture would aim to encapsulate and highlight the industrial heritage and the stunning natural environment of Derwenthaugh Country Park, it would appear industrial yet natural and organic, industry and nature combined. Textured elements such as patterns derived from the cells of oak trees or taken from iron molecular structure may be included on the surface of some or all of the spheres. These elements are in development and therefore the surface detail may change from that shown in the attached design.

The idea for the sculpture by the artist Andrew McKeown came through work with Winlaton West Lane Primary where Andrew and the children explored the history of Winlaton Mill and Crowley’s Ironworks.


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The Land of Oak & Iron