The Land of Oak & Iron

HLF Bid Submitted

HLF Bid Submitted’ ‘In July 2015’ ‘The Round 2 Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) bid has been submitted! Currently awaiting decision for this £3.4 million programme.’

Thanks to your contributions and everyone’s hard work the Land of Oak & Iron Team have successfully submitted the Round 2 funding bid to the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF).

The scheme will now be assessed by HLF with an assessment site visit towards the end of September and a decision expected in November or December 2015. If approved, activity delivered by this fantastic opportunity will commence in 2016.

Since then the Land of Oak & Iron team have been developing a new website to host all information about the overall scheme and its 14 interconnected projects.

The team would like to thank all those that contributed to the development of this exciting scheme and its projects. No matter how small this has been much appreciated by the Partnership Board; helping to ensure that we will work together to protect, conserve and enhance the beautiful landscape and fascinating heritage of this special area.

Opportunities to be involved with specific projects, or through a broader Partnership Forum will be publicised in 2016.


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The Land of Oak & Iron