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Three Witches – Phil Punton Photography

Have you noticed the three witches looking down at you from one of the windows in the Courtyard at the Heritage Centre in Winlaton Mill?

This amazing photograph was created by local photographer Phil Punton, working with the Historical & Mythical Imagery Group as part of their ‘Living Arts’ project.  It depicts three witches from Macbeth at their cauldron.

“This image was so much fun to recreate. To get this right, the beautiful ladies clearly spent a lot of time in make-up! We used an upside down compost bin with a smoke generator and quatra light to fire out into their faces – always guaranteed to create a spooky effect. One additional light was fired sideways to add a little more detail in Sarah’s face as the book created a shadow.”

Phil Punton

The Historical & Mythical Imagery Group came together through their common interest in art and to recreate artworks that they love.  In the last 3 years, the group have worked with Phil, using photography, clever lighting, costume, make-up and sets to recreate a number or old master paintings.

We will be displaying a different image created by Phil and the group over the coming months and also hope to have an exhibition in 2022.

Next time you’re at the Heritage Centre or café shrub, be sure to take a closer look!

If you are interested in finding out more about Phil’s photography and this project please go to his website:

Living Art – Phil Punton Photography


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