The Land of Oak & Iron

Heritage Centre Planning Proposals Submitted

A planning application has been submitted by Groundwork NE & Cumbria for the Land of Oak & Iron Heritage Centre which is proposed for Winlaton Mill.

This £1 million plus scheme has been developed in partnership with Northumbria University, who held a design competition for its architecture students. Over 35 designs were submitted with the ‘water wheel’ by Matthew Glover the overwhelming favourite at a public consultation. Matthew’s design is inspired by the heritage of the area and reflects Crowley’s Iron Works which was established next to the River Derwent at ‘Old’ Winlaton Mill in the early 1700s and was powered by nine water wheels.

Details of the planning application are available here, with the key information shown in the documents folder. Comments about the proposal are very welcome and the planning decision is expected in September. Work is ongoing to secure additional funding for the scheme.


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The Land of Oak & Iron