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Things of Wonder : Holly M Scott

1st July – 31st August 2021

Land of Oak & Iron are pleased to host this new solo exhibition by Holly M Scott, an artist and printmaker based in Middleton in Teesdale in County Durham.

Holly’s work can be seen on display in the ‘Inside Out Gallery’ windows at the Heritage Centre in Winlaton Mill.

Known for her detailed, sensitive linocuts, Holly’s work conveys her lifelong enchantment with the natural world.
Long since spellbound by wildlife, and conscious of the significance of nature in her own everyday life, Holly’s work honours the tradition of mankind’s fascination and constant dialogue with the birds and animals
that surround us.

Borne from a strong connection to the land, and inspired by childhood memories and chance encounters with wildlife, her beautiful hand coloured lino prints touch upon folklore and seek to evoke the timelessness of animal lives.

After coming to the Heritage Centre to discuss details of her forthcoming exhibition, Holly bought a slice of café shrub cake and went on a little wander in the park and woodlands, making notes and taking photographs of the wildlife.  This is a little poem she wrote while in the Land of Oak & Iron:

“Here is a little scribble from my notebook about Magpies I wrote the first time I visited the Heritage Centre.  I was joined by two magpies which helped to dispose of the crumbs from my cake!”

Overhead –

Pied rascals’ raucous chattering…

Soon they come a-clattering

Iridescent feathers smooth and sleek

Crumbs snatched up in greedy beak

Their dark eyes ever searching…

Then back to hopeful perching

All framed artworks are available to purchase.

Please speak to a member of staff if you are interested in purchasing one of the artworks.


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