Mapping Group

The Mapping Group aims to provide information to help local people and visitors of all ages and abilities explore the landscape of the Land of Oak & Iron, to understand it and enjoy what it contains, with a particular emphasis on the industrial past.

If like many people you find maps, and particularly old maps, fascinating join one of our regular meetings, held across the area, to find out more about what hides amongst all those lines and symbols. We welcome new volunteers and encourage investigation of previous activities that have shaped the landscape we see today.

Contact us to get involved: email or call 01207 524883.

Publications Group

This group is interested in identifying published works about the history of Land of Oak & Iron.

Our first book, Men of Iron, was published in March 2019.

In October 2019, we published Tales of Derwentdale.

Our current project is a new edition of Thread of Iron.

We would particularly like to hear from anyone with skills in proof-reading and/or publishing software.

Our books are available to buy from café shrub in the Land of Oak & Iron Heritage Centre.

Young Persons’ Group

The Young Persons’ Group has been established to encourage young people to take pride in their heritage, and to help conserve the culture and landscape of the area.

We do this by developing projects based on traditional cultural activities such as literature, music (hand bell ringing) and dance (rapper sword dancing); traditional skills, such as making proggy mats; heritage industries, such as coal mining and iron and steel production; and general awareness of what lies within the landscape. These projects are then offered to schools and youth groups to broaden and enhance their regular activities.

Find out more or get involved: email or call 01207 524883.