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The Nines Soap Works

The Nines is a small artisan soap works based in Washington.

It’s run by Frances Denton who hand makes all the soaps using the age-old traditional cold process method.

Frances began making soap five years ago prompted by the need to find a mild and moisturising soap that could potentially help her daughter who suffers from psoriasis.

Looking at the various types of soap on the market she quickly came to the conclusion that the best way to ensure that a bar was free from potentially harmful chemicals was to make it herself.

So after months of research, testing (only on willing humans), obtaining a Cosmetic Safety Assessment from a registered chemist and complying with all the current legislation, she decided to share her soaps and started The Nines Soap Works.

The soaps are made with the best natural oils and butters to which are added, depending on the recipe, the finest pure essential oils, botanicals, clays, colours and honey.

They are all suitable for vegetarians and, with the exception of the ones that contain honey, are also suitable for vegans.


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