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Forging Ahead – 11 May 2020

This week we have another story from Peter our Access & Woodland Officer – his words becoming a regular and welcome feature of our Forging Ahead newsletter, this time it’s about making charcoal in some of our local woodlands. We also take a look at the Woodland Trust’s Tree of the Year 2019 and how… Read more

The Sword Makers of Shotley Bridge

On Wednesday 1 April 2020, Paul Heatherington was due to host an evening talk – ‘The Sword Makers of Shotley Bridge’, at the Heritage Centre in Winlaton Mill.  Sadly, the planned talk and meal had to be cancelled due to the Coronavirus situation and the need to practice social distancing. Paul kindly wrote the following… Read more

The Smokey Art of Charcoal Making

Charcoal making involves burning wood and controlling the amount of oxygen that is allowed into a kiln.  The wood inside burns slowly at a very high temperature.  At the beginning of the process there is quite a bit of smoke, but towards the end of the process there is very little – the colour of… Read more

Forging Ahead – 4 May 2020

This week’s newsletter is all about our feathered friends which can be seen while out on a quiet walk in the Lower Derwent Valley.  We also take a look at the tapestry of life found along the River Derwent as illustrated by a friendly bunch of talented sewers, based at the neighbouring site of National… Read more

Solo Guided Bird Walk

Sunday 26th April 2020 was to be the second of this year’s guided bird walks from the Land of Oak & Iron Heritage Centre in Winlaton Mill. The walk was organised with local ornithologist Michael Turner, who has led several popular guided bird walks for Land of Oak & Iron over the past couple of… Read more

Forging Ahead – 27 April 2020

Another week passes by and thankfully the weather here is still fine – allowing us to enjoy time outdoors in the garden or to use our exercise time for local walks, runs or bike rides in the sunshine. Nature is continuing to thrive this spring and with less noise pollution it’s easier to hear and… Read more

County Durham’s Elusive Dormouse.

A connection between opera and dormice is not one that readily springs to mind, but in 2014 a connection was made when opera company D’Oyley Carte generously gave Durham Wildlife Trust a grant of £3000 to train volunteers, not only to put up dormice boxes and tubes, but to also monitor these for signs of… Read more

Forging Ahead – 20 April 2020

In this week’s newsletter read about one of the many projects still being developed in readiness for the re-opening of the Heritage Centres and take a look at the Celebration Event held earlier this year. Don’t forget to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter, please tag us and share any interesting photographs… Read more

A threaded walk in the Land of Oak & Iron

Rowlands Gill Primary Crafts Group began with a banner … in 2012, Rowlands Gill Primary PTA asked a small group of school volunteers to produce a banner for the school hall to celebrate the community.  The project was so enjoyable that the volunteers decided to continue meeting and making things together as a means of… Read more

Forging Ahead – 10 April 2020

The natural world around us is awakening and carrying on as normal, whilst typing this I am watching the blue tits taking nesting material into their box in the garden – make the most of spring and discover birds, bees and butterflies while relaxing in your garden or out on your daily exercise. With needing… Read more