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EVENT DETAILS Land of Oak & Iron are excited to host the next of our regular ‘Meet the Maker‘ events at the Heritage Centre in Winlaton Mill. Our next Meet the Maker is Dunston Woodcraft. Ian and Yvonne of Dunston Wood Crafts have been making and growing for over 20 years. Ian had worked in paint manufacture, a skill he still uses today to colour match stains and paint when renovating furniture. Yvonne uses horticulture to support well-being and as well as practical gardening teaches gardening in community settings. In 2018 they rented their own workshop space, Dunston Woodcraft, where they can use their combined skills to make commissioned and bespoke furniture and products for the home and garden. Ian uses traditional joinery skills to make everything from tables, and gates to lathe turned bowls. He carries out small furniture repairs and one of his early commissions was to make two side tables from an oak bookcase to match up with the customers existing furniture. Yvonne’s collecting nature and love of crafting ensures she has a steady supply of materials to make unique products which they sell direct from their workshop in Dunston.

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The Land of Oak & Iron