Save our Stories

We have been gathering some fantastic stories from people across Land of Oak & Iron, to build the picture of what life was like here in the past.

So far we have interviewed 50 people, gathering their memories of growing up, playing, working and family life across the Derwent Valley and the surrounding area. Memories have included the plumes of steam that would rise up from the coke works at Derwenthaugh, the smell of the steelworks at Consett, the fact that the snow would turn red in winter and spotting the blue flash of kingfishers on the Derwent.

We are looking for volunteers help pull out key themes and words from the recordings, so we have a written record to keep alongside the audio verisons, as an archive for the future. This will also make it easier to find memories about specific things when listening to them.

Find out more or register: contact Lynne Miller at Groundwork on 01388 662666 / email by Friday 12th July 2019.