Prudhoe volunteers are changing

Woodlands are very important in the Land of Oak & Iron, they cover 13% of our landscape and provide a home to many different creatures. We have two Woodland Volunteer Teams that play a key role in looking after these habitats, one that covers the whole of our area led Peter Downes and another that until now has been led by Laura Waugh of Groundwork NE & Cumbria and focuses on Prudhoe woods.

Laura has just gone off on maternity leave, whilst we wish her well for her new arrival we are delighted to welcome James Stafford to Land of Oak & Iron who will be taking over from her. James is very excited to be getting involved, “I have worked with Laura and Peter over a number of years on woodland projects and I’ve worked with volunteers in various settings and especially enjoy the woodland work. I’m looking forward to carrying this on in the Land of Oak & Iron.”

Prudhoe Woodland Volunteer TeamThe Prudhoe Volunteers will also be changing to a Tuesday every other week, the times will stay the same, 10am to 2pm.

The Volunteer Teams meet regularly and are open to anyone to join. They offer a great chance to visit some of our most beautiful sites and are very welcoming to new people. If you’d like to join either team please contact Peter Downes on 07484 093411 or by email.