Paws for thought

Discover how hazlenut butter has been used as bait for the elusive dormouse, by volunteers working with Durham Wildlife Trust in our woodlands.

ThFootprints from tracking tube in Land of Oak & Irone tasty treat attracted many visitors and small ink pads captured the footprints of each and every one. It wasn’t as simple as you might expect to identify what had visited though, as small mammals don’t often leave behind a perfect print!

What can you see in this mammalian artwork?


Enlarged image of small mammal footprints in Land of Oak & IronFind out what the volunteers learnt when they studied the footprints. Did they discover dormice? What’s the difference between a wood mouse, shrew and dormouse footprint? They now have sample prints from wood mouse, bank vole and yellow necked mouse, kindly given to the Wildlife Trust by a student doing a PhD. The prints she has shared will hopefully be useful to compare with the prints that this project collects.

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