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Legacy Group Looks to the Future

The Land of Oak & Iron needs you! This beautiful part of the north east is host to areas of great industrial importance that once shaped our landscape, as well as being home to woodlands, wetlands and other natural habitats that are important to the environment. At The Land of Oak & Iron, we’re preserving… Read more

Forging Ahead February 2018

There is so much going on in Land of Oak & Iron at the moment, from the creation of our Wildlife Group to the development of our Legacy Group. Be inspired to get fit and healthy in our wonderful landscape and read how school children have inspired the design of artistic features at our new… Read more

The rare and elusive dormouse

The Hazel Dormouse is familiar to many people as a character from Alice in Wonderland, but is one of Britain’s rarest indigenous mammals. It used to be present in the Derwent Valley in the 19th and mid-20th centuries, though there have been no verified records in Tyne & Wear or Durham for decades and the… Read more

Snowy Memories of Chopwell

Philippa is a PhD student in Geography at Newcastle University. She has been working in collaboration with Land of Oak & Iron on her research project about landscape and memory, looking at how people pass memories on across generations within local communities and how people feel about local heritage. This is Philippa’s blog she would… Read more

Heritage Centre Entrance Feature

This sculpture design is an earlier version that was circulated before Christmas. It has been decided to revert to this design after feedback from local residents on the first design proposal. The proposed entrance sculpture would take the shape of a double helix or section of DNA. The sculpture would be fabricated from 50 or… Read more

Get out and about in the Land of Oak & Iron this Christmas

  As the song goes, it certainly is the most wonderful time of the year, and here at the Land of Oak & Iron, we’re really getting into the festive spirit, as Christmas is quite literally just around the corner.  The tree is trimmed with tinsel, presents are perfectly wrapped, and of course, the chestnuts… Read more

Industrial enthusiasts wanted!

Do you have a passion for the industrial past in the region and some spare time to devote to one of our heritage sites? Path Head Water Mill is looking for a new Trustee to join the team, guiding the direction of this organisation to help ensure the future of the Mill. Path Head Water… Read more

Social evening success

If you’d been with us for our first social evening you too could have immersed yourself in the music of Land of Oak & Iron composer William Shield, played by the amazing John Treherne on his traditionally designed harpsichord. You could have discovered more about the wonderful heritage of Land of Oak & Iron in… Read more