Land of the Oak & Iron – a wonderfully created area in the North East with venues celebrating the areas industrial heritage

We collaborated with myhotelbreak when they experienced Land of the Oak & Iron. Find out what they discovered in this guest post:

We were staying in the North East on a hotel break a few weeks ago. A couple of our guests, who were staying nearby in our Northumberland hotels had mentioned they had visited a couple of places in the Land of the Oak & Iron’s Derwent Valley. They went onto say this area is filled with places to experience, learn and in general, a nature lover’s paradise.

We decided to do some background into this area and find out more on the history of this lush green woodland. We found out that the Land of the Oak & Iron used to be a powerhouse for the iron and steel industry. As mentioned it’s been transformed into an area of natural beauty and a great place for tourists to visit. We were more than sold. We had decided we were going to enjoy everything the outdoors had to offer at the Derwent Walk Country Park and the Land of Oak & Iron Heritage Centre.

Let’s find out more…

Land of Oak & Iron Heritage Centre

We felt this was the first place we should visit to really gain an insight into this historic area as well as trying out café shrub. We heard great things about both. When walking up to the building we were taken aback by how beautiful it really is. Its surroundings were pictures on a postcard too. café shrub is a must visit when your take a break on your walk by the river.  The menu has a very varied selection as you can see. We selected the exquisite Free Range Filled Omelettes from the aptly named Brunch & Lunch section.  Overall the café has a really nice atmosphere with very helpful staff as well.

The gift shop caught our eyes too. Selling a range of lovely products to take home with you. From prints & furnishings, handmade jewellery, historic books and much more.

Derwenthaugh Park

Crowley's Dam Land of Oak & IronThe next place we decided to visit was Derwenthaugh Park. We had read up on the amazing views you can see of the low dam and spillway past Cockburn Lake so this is the direction we went firstly. We got to see the remains of Crowley’s Ironworks which was an impressive sight as this was all that remained of this once booming industrial operation.

We then went over the old stone bridge, around Kite Kill. If you’re venturing here we recommend taking the way round that takes you above the river. Great Instagram opportunities are to be had here.

We finished up heading towards the Derwent Walk where we got to see another fantastic view from the Nine Arches Viaduct.

It’s a trail that we recommend for those less able too as there aren’t any difficult issues in walking round. It’s overall quite flat. There is a great picnic area too. It’s such a peaceful place.

This is a magical area with so much on offer from the wonderful Land of Oak Heritage Centre & café shrub to the walks on offer at the country parks.  We highly recommend doing some research before coming so you get the best out of your visit. We will be back for sure to create more fantastic memories.