Modern skills for traditional management

Volunteers and woodland owners have learnt how to use a chainsaw safely, thanks to two training courses organised by us as part of our woodland restoration project. Peter Downes, our Access & Woodland Officer, recognised a need for these skills amongst the people he works with. Some of the regular volunteers, who give up their time on a weekly basis to help care for the woodlands within our area, were keen to learn these skills to help them develop the work they currently do with hand tools.

A large part of Peter’s role is about meeting woodland owners and supporting them to bring their woodlands back into management. He does this by helping to write management plans, offering advice and networking opportunities, taking the volunteer team into their woods to kick start practical work and now by offering training for them to undertake some of this work themselves.

Free training for volunteers and woodland owners will continue this year, with planning already underway on another charcoal burning course and chipper training. To find out more email Peter or give him a call on 07484 093411.