Love maps & heritage?

Hidden within the landscape of the Derwent Valley and surrounding areas, lies an abundance of natural, industrial and cultural heritage which was at risk of being lost before Land of Oak & Iron. We work with local communities to celebrate, conserve and enhance that heritage.

A tremendous amount has already been achieved during the last two to three years, but there is much more that can be done to continue that work. A number of dedicated volunteers have come together to form the Legacy Group,  creating a store house of information so that future generations can enjoy all that the Land of Oak & Iron has to offer over the years to come. This Group is starting an exciting new project to map and record the heritage of our area, we will then share this knowledge with the community and visitors using interactive maps.

We are looking for volunteers to share and expand their own knowledge and experience, whilst taking part in this rewarding project. Together we will create a unique map showing the many layers of heritage and natural resources which make up this unique landscape: industrial structures, quarries, water power, mining, transport routes, cycle routes, public footpaths, settlements, stately homes, recreation, wildlife habitats, ancient woodland and much more.

There are a number of different tasks to get involved in, such as transferring information from existing maps to the new map, researching what is available on a variety of old records or sharing specialist knowledge of particular subjects. Some of these need no prior skills or experience, whilst others are for those with specialist knowledge.

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