Don’t Miss Our Funding Deadline

There is still time to apply for Land of Oak & Iron funding for your community project, our Community Grants programme closes on Wednesday 28th March 2018.

Through the County Durham Community Foundation, you can apply for funding of up to £2,000, to help support projects across a whole range of activities that will work to support our organisational aims.

Prudhoe & District Local History Society applied for financial assistance to support a sub group of volunteers working on a practical project to clear St Mary Magdalene Cemetery in Prudhoe for visitors to be able to explore and enjoy the historic site. Since the successful funding application, the group has been very active in promoting the Land of Oak & Iron alongside its own project, while supporting other community events such as last year’s Chopwell WoodFest.

Relevant schemes which are eligible to apply for the grant include:

  • physical improvements to features and buildings with natural, industrial and cultural heritage significance;
  • access improvements to enable more people to visit sites of natural, industrial and cultural heritage interest;
  • interpretation of our cultural heritage, particularly focusing on key people and stories associated with the area;
  • activities and events that engage people with, and enable people to learn and better understand of the history of the Land of Oak & Iron
  • training, workshops and events that enable people to learn new skills that can be used to support the future of Land of Oak & Iron

For more information or to apply go to County Durham Community Foundation’s website.