Fireweed and Furnaces

New interpretation panels have started to appear at various locations across the Land of Oak & Iron, with the first of these situated outside the Heritage Centre and Crowley’s Dam.

These interpretation panels, which feature stunning illustrations by artist Cathy Duncan, are all located in places with a significant and important link to the unique heritage in the Land of Oak & Iron.  Find out more.

Cathy’s lino-cut illustrations were created with inspiration taken during visits to locations such as The Spetchells, Shotley Grove and Crowley’s Dam.  The illustrations explain the noise and smell, the people and power of these places of industry, expressing the stories and memories that, for the most part, sit hidden among undergrowth or beneath the ground.  Whilst these places of industry lie dormant amongst the quiet of the surrounding trees and woods, the richness of their history can still be sensed.

Cathy’s framed and unframed limited edition prints, along with a small booklet of illustrations and poems are available to purchase when the centre re-opens.

Please note the images here have the Land of Oak & Iron watermark – this will not appear on the original prints.  All images copyright Cathy Duncan and should not be reproduced.